"Unlike personal experiences I have had with doctors offices, she wants to get at the root of problems with health, as opposed to treating the symptoms. I believed before that everything is connected within our bodies, but before Heather I wasn’t able to make sense of how things were connected within mine."
-Jordan W.

- Jordan + Megan -

"Heather is very knowledgable and caring person.  She incorporates a holistic approach that includes body, mind, and spirit. She been successfully helping me in my weight-loss journey and I can highly recommend her."

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3 Month Restore & Invigorate Package

nutritional therapy packages

The Jump Start package involves  recommendations for a Basic Health Tune-Up. This package is perfect for anyone looking for a place to start and understand how nutritional therapy can meet your individual goals. 
Jump Start Nutritional Therapy is a 1 month, one-on-one introductory program to nutritional therapy. It includes: 

 1. (1) Initial Session (90 minutes)

 2. (2) Follow-Up Sessions (30 minutes)

3. Custom dietary, lifestyle, & supplement recommendations

 *Sessions are all virtual and scheduled weekly. 

Investment: $350

 Resilience package involves in-depth analysis & 1:1 coaching sessions  This package is a perfect choice for those looking to restore imbalances & reinvigorate your energy. 
 The 3 Month Nutritional Therapy Package is a one-on-one program that includes:
1. (1) Initial Session (90 minutes)

2. (6) Follow-Up Sessions (30 minutes)

3. Custom dietary, lifestyle, & supplement recommendations
*Sessions are all virtual and scheduled bi-weekly. 

Investment: $700

This package involves up-leveling your health before and during pregnancy. This package is perfect choice for who want to up-level your pregnancy with balanced & empowering information; personalized activities to access nutritional, emotional and lifestyle; manage cravings and morning sickness, combat fatigue, toxins go avoid and optimize nutrition for baby.

The Feed Your Pregnant Body program is a one-of-a-kind group program that focuses on repairing the gut & optimizing health for you and baby. It includes: 

1. (1) Initial Individual Session (30 minutes)

2. (6) Group Sessions weekly (60-90 minutes)

Investment: $200 per couple

*Classes are offered 3x a year in-person and virtual options. 
*Contact for dates*

After your free 15 minute discovery call, I will recommend one of the following
investments in your health.

Jump start nutritional therapy

Feed your pregnant body group program

I believe that successful therapeutic relationships are built on good faith and good rapport. Let’s connect to discuss your goals and my approach.  

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