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I believe that successful therapeutic relationships are built on good faith and good rapport. Let’s connect with a 30-minute, no commitment discovery call to discuss your goals, and my approach, and your options for achieving optimal health! at the end of our call, you will have a clear idea of next steps and what working with me one-on-one will be like.

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Success stories

“Working with Heather was exactly what I needed and it came right when I needed it most. She listens, truly listens, and responds with kindness, encouragement and tough love when she senses I need it. She has helped me focus away from the quick fixes to take small, yet impactful, steps towards my health and life goals.” ~Noemi

Success stories

“With Heather, I never felt like a number. Every session and dealing with her was done with great detail. She didn’t just look to help with a problem, but helped me to achieve overall better health… And, when I became pregnant, she helped again to customize my care in a way that would support a healthy pregnancy.”

Success stories

“Unlike personal experiences I have had with doctors offices, she wants to get at the root of problems with health, as opposed to treating the symptoms. I believed before that everything is connected within our bodies, but before Heather I wasn’t able to make sense of how things were connected within mine.”